Euroshop 2020

It all starts with the simple idea of ​​developing a core motif that should be used on the invitation card, the flyer and the portfolio as well as for the exterior design in the form of a selfie wall. On this core motif, we have defined core colors that can be found everywhere in the design. In addition to the two window displays, the stand is divided into different areas. The entrance table brings the different areas together by picking up the core materials - acrylic glass - stone. Area One - Acrylic glass furniture filled with dried flowers as an alternative to artificial flowers. Sustainability and natural materials are also becoming increasingly important in visual merchandising. Area two is all about wood. Wood is rustic - a perfect material to implement a HAKA theme. Area three - a tent entirely in green with stone highlights reminiscent of a Bedouin tent. The eye with the inspiration of a Nazar eye fits into the theme. The keypiece is the focus of the lens.